With Canada Day coming up next week, red seems to be popping up everywhere. It is one of those colours that I don't seem to have a lot of, in my wardrobe or my decor. As much as I love the graphic quality of straight up black and white, sometimes it's just that much better with a touch of red. Since our sofa is a dark charcoal grey, it lends itself to many different accent colours. I'm starting to think that black, white and red might be a good way to change things up.

left to right } Anna Svanfeldt, Erica Wakerly, Joel Dewberry, Anna Salander

I love Anna Svanfeldt's work and her 2008 Fialena collection for Ikea is no exception. It's been in my favourites for a while and the only problem is choosing a favourtie! If I could order every design of Erica Wakerly's wallpaper, I think I would. They are all fabulous, but I especially love this fan pattern. It reminds me of string art. This Joel Dewberry fabric is available in Fabric Flair's etsy shop. I'm quite enjoying the bits of red and am thinking it would make a great toss cushion. Along with Anna Svanfeldt, Anna Salander has a great collection available through Ikea. This black and white pattern might get my top vote, althought it would be nice paired with the red version as well.

This is lovely, and as it just so happens, fits nicely into today's colour scheme :)

And have you seen this? I'm loving the vintage quailty it has, and the great story of how it came to be.

Wishing you all sunny skies.


  1. featherbed said...

    I just need more places to use red and black throw pillows!!!